What To Do If You Break Your Phone

[fusion_text]It happens to everybody at least once in their lifetime. You forget your phone in your pocket and drop it accidentally in the toilet. Or you suddenly develop butterfingers and crack your phone screen. There are many ways to mishandle even a sweet new iPhone 6 Plus suited with an Otterbox casing. So in the unfortunate event that you did, what’s the next step?

Fix the problem.

Simple issues like a busted camera or a shattered screen can still be repaired by yourself or by a technician. (If you can’t do it, then that’s what we’re here for.) There are many DIY guides and video tutorials to help you out, and many replacement parts for all kinds of cell phones are for sale online too.

Just keep in mind: Don’t buy low-quality parts or you may end up making the problem so much worse that you may not even be able to sell it. And also, your warranty and insurance may become void if you try to fix your own phone.

Get an early upgrade.

Depending on your carrier, you can be eligible for an early upgrade for anywhere from 30 days to 24 months after signing up. Just return your current device and they will waive your remaining repayments for the phone. Then sign up for an upgrade plan and receive a brand new device.

Just keep in mind: You may need to pay extra fees on top of your plan. These extra fees are like monthly payments for the new phone but are included in your phone bill.

Get a trade-in or sell your broken phone.

If your phone is not repairable, don’t despair because you can still sell it to us here at iCare Repair. No matter the condition, you can still exchange it for a few bucks especially if it’s still a popular model. Or, trade it in and get a new replacement phone.

Just keep in mind: Prices are never consistent and depends on demand. As a general rule, the best time to sell an old phone is before the release of a new model. Check out our automatic quote online and see how much your phone is worth.

Insure your next phone.

An insurance is absolutely worth it if it is a high-end smartphone that costs more than $600, or if you have an active lifestyle, which increases the chances of breaking your phone. Most carriers and third-party insurance companies offer phone insurance and will foot your bill if your phone stops working, gets damaged, or is lost or stolen.

Just keep in mind: Like any other insurance, there are high deductibles and a cap on the number of claims you can make. The cost of a screen replacement on an iPhone 6 may turn out to be cheaper than a year’s worth of insurance.[/fusion_text]