Lifetime Warranty

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality electronic replacement parts possible. As a result, we have accomplished this goal by purchasing only the best OEM part grade out on the market, and subsequently, we have reduced our defective rate below the average electronic repair store. However, due to the nature of the electronic repair industry, you may experience a flaw to your new installed part. Although it is hardly needed, if you are not satisfied with your replacement part or if defects occur, we will replace your new part at no additional cost. This is what we call our Lifetime Warranty guarantee!

Our Lifetime Warranty has no time constraints—this warranty lasts the Lifetime of your device. All you need to do is bring your device into one of our repair stores. We will ask a couple of questions to verify your identify, then we will get you in and out of the store before you know it. You can start this process by scheduling a repair in advance.

Included with Warranty

  • Malfunctioning of replacement part or component
  • Replacement parts and the workmanship specifically resulting from the initial repair
  • Lifetime of the device serviced

Voided Warranty

  • Jailbroken or Rooted Device
  • Liquid Damage
  • Previous or post repairs completed by non iCare Repair technicians (certain partnerships may be excluded)

Not Included With Warranty

  • Mishandling and accidents that cause the frame to bend, twist, or crack
  • New damage unrelated to the repair service received
  • Data loss (it is recommended to backup your data before you service your device)
  • Software issues