Working at iCare Repair

At iCare Repair, we pride ourselves in our development methodology. Since the first location opened in 2012, we have aimed to cultivate our staff to be prepared for future career opportunities, whether that be advancement within iCare Repair or outside of the company. We understand the struggle of applying for competitive fields, such as management and technology that require many years of experience, and we are aware that at times great job seekers are looking for a way to enter a competitive field. That is why we target applicants that are looking for entry level positions in management or technology, but also have the ambition and enthusiasm to learn valuable skills. With our extensive training and family-like atmosphere, you will feel that this is where your career truly begins!


With all of our positions, we provide extensive training that is needed to be successful not only in this industry, but also many other technological and business focused companies. iCare Repair’s has developed a unique training system by:

 Automating our training to an online platform with step-by-step instructions

 Administering accommodating hands-on training with industry professionals

 Placing useful mile markers in training courses for constructive feedback

Position Types


Repairs damaged electronic devices and assist customers

Skills You Will Master:

  • Converse with customers
  • Use effective sales tactics
  • Repair electronic components
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Social & Digital Media

Learns then implements the creative side of marketing

Skills You Will Master:

  • Create using Adobe Suite
  • Planning for events
  • Develop social media campaigns
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Store Manager

Manages store operations by being an effective leader

Skills You Will Master:

  • Develope & train individuals
  • Administer sales goals
  • Fine-tune analytical thinking
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SEO & Data Analyst

Learns then implements the data side of marketing

Skills You Will Master:

  • Optimize Google Adwords
  • Creating A and B testing
  • Improve SEO ranking using software
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Warehouse Assistant

Assists in supplying stores with part orders

Skills You Will Master:

  • Track inventory levels
  • Operate a warehouse
  • Learn about international logistics
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Web Developer Intern

Updates and creates new content on company website

Skills You Will Master:

  • Research codes
  • Work in JAD groups
  • Create content using HTML, CSS, and PHP
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Manages the accounting books and provides financial forecasting

Skill You Will Master:

  • Create P&L Statements
  • Track cash budget
  • Use Microsoft Excel extensively
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Micro-Soldering Intern

Fixes challenging logic board level repairs

Skill You Will Master:

  • Using soldering tools
  • Learn best repair methods
  • Repair backlights, audio codecs, U2 chips, and more
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