Republic Wireless will refund you for unused data

Smartphone users have always griped about the pricey monthly costs of their carriers. But this will now be a thing of the past because of the new data plan from Republic Wireless.

Introducing the Republic Refund Plan! The idea is simple: Pay what you use; get paid back for what you don’t. So how does it work? Start with the $10 base plan for unlimited talk and text. Next, add cell data depending on how much you expect to use. You can choose between $7.50 for 500MB of data, $15 for 1GB, $30 for 2 GB, and $45 for 3GB.

If you don’t spend the allotted data, you get refunded $1.50 per 100MB of unused data. Let’s say you picked the 1GB tier and only used 800MB. Instead of $25, you would pay only $22. According to Republic’s test run last April, the participants typically saved $5 per month.

Will the Refund Plan work for me?

The plan works best for people who use less than 3GB per month of data. So if you are regularly connected to WiFi or just do basic emails, then you can definitely save money with the Refund Plan. To keep track of your data usage, check it via the Republic Wireless app. You can also use this app to purchase more data.