Does Lifeproof Really Work?

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Since the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in October, we’ve already had dozens of customers coming in to get their brand new iPhones repaired. Usual cause of problem: cracked screens. Ouch!

After spending a few hundred dollars on a new smartphone, the best thing you can do for it — and yourself — is to make sure it’s well-protected. That means if you have to invest on a “pricey” Lifeproof case, do it! Because you will end up saving your money in the event that you accidentally dropped your iPhone 6s Plus onto concrete.

How much does a Lifeproof case cost? It depends on your device but it ranges between $79.99 to $99.99 at our iCare Phone Repair locations. That’s not bad compared to the cost of getting a screen repair, which can go as much as $399.99. So should you buy a Lifeproof case? We definitely recommend it!

Here’s a prime example of an iPhone 6 Plus that had a Lifeproof case. Looks bad? Not really. The iPhone only suffered a cracked screen after falling on the highway and getting run over at least ten times by cars. You would have thought that it would all be smashed into metal and glass pieces, but the touchscreen still works perfectly. Instead of having to buy a new iPhone, the customer only needed the glass screen repaired.

iphone 6 plus with cracked screen

And check out the Lifeproof case. The edges look scratched up, which is totally understandable after getting run over, but it was definitely able to withstand the trauma of getting hit and dragged on the road.

lifeproof case

If you’ve had your phone screen broken at least once in your life, don’t feel so bad because you’re just one of the 34 percent of people in the country who’ve had the same experience. Glass screens are very fragile and it is definitely the most popular repair that we do at all our locations. So, if you want to get paranoid, feel free to do so! Because in the long run, having a Lifeproof case will be cheaper than the cost of a new phone, or a repair especially when it’s the latest model.

Lifeproof cases are available at all our locations. Give us a call or drop by our store to get one for your phone before it’s too late!