5 Apps to Help You Get Over an Ex

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Are you trying to get over a breakup and nothing seems to work? Have you already deleted their number from your phone but you still know it by heart? Have you been tempted to send them a late-night message to try to fix things? Getting over a relationship is not an overnight process (at least for the most of us!), but there are plenty of “techie” ways to help you move on. So if you feel like you’ve exhausted every trick in the relationship book, here’s some break-up apps that may help you get through the grieving period.


Can’t get yourself to delete your ex’s number? Then DrunkDial is that best friend who stops you from making a big mistake — and save you a huge embarrassment the morning after. The DrunkDial app gives you its own version of a sobriety test, via timed math problems, before it allows you to call your ex. Of course, the best way to NOT call an ex is NOT to memorize his/her number, but DrunkDial is your next best step for avoiding a regretful conversation with the ex.


Out of sight, out of mind. Get over your ex easily by removing ALL traces of him/her from Facebook through the KillSwitch app. No need to deactivate your Facebook to avoid seeing old and new photos of your ex. Just use KillSwitch and everything, from pictures to post, will be removed. Now be careful about using KillSwitch because once you use it, it’s final, and you won’t be able to get things back again.

Ex Lover Blocker

We all need our friends in this time of grief. Tempted to call your ex? The Ex Lover Blocker app will alert three of your friends when you try calling. And if your brokenhearted self still managed to get around that road block, the app will publicly shame you on Facebook. Yep, it’s a harsh punishment. So be good and don’t call your ex! You’ll thank yourself — and this app — later!

Designated Dialer

This app is similar to the DrunkDial app but with an additional feature. You can use the Designated Dialer to set up a Do-Not-Call list, so when you’re being swayed by the influence of alcohol and you attempt to call up a number in your forbidden list, the app will redirect the call to a patronizing toll-free number. You can unlock those numbers but you have to go through a coordination test first.


Are you ready to move on and start dating again? Dating after a break-up can be awkward, but RebounDate makes it pretty clear cut to both parties. RebounDate is a dating app, but what makes it different is that users can specify on their status if they’re looking for a rebound date or are willing to be a rebound date. You can avoid all the questions and drama about your past relationship and both of you know what you signed up for. Win-win!

Moving on is never easy but there are always technologies that you can hang on to during the process, so hang in there!