How to Save Your Phone from Water Damage (Infographic)

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Water-damaged smartphones are very popular repairs that we have been doing this summer. Some customers dropped their phone into the lake, some left it in their jeans’ pocket and got washed in the washing machine, and for the unfortunate ones, their phone fell into the toilet.

It is frustrating but the good news is you may not need to buy a new phone just yet. By following a few simple steps, you may be able to restore your phone after water damage. But if you don’t have the necessary tools to take apart your phone (or unsure how to put it back together), then it’s best to leave the job to a smartphone technician.

You’ve probably seen a lot of tutorials telling you to stuff your phone in a bag of dry rice and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours. This is not a smart way to dry your phone because rice is not very absorbent, and your phone’s headphone jack and charge port may end up with grains of rice!

The key is not to wait too long if you want to save your phone in working condition. Check out the 4 steps in our infographic below for a higher success rate of saving your phone and its data. (Note: If you can’t do Step 2 because you don’t have the tools or the know-how to open up your phone, bring it to any of our locations immediately to minimize any water damage.)

4 steps to save your water damaged phone infographic