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We place substantial value on our brand, and our outstanding commitment to our customers and partners proves to be the best in the mobile phone repair industry. With our extensive business model, you can take advantage of the increasing number of users of mobile devices and excellent profit potential on these areas:

  • Smartphone, Tablet, and iPod Repair Services
  • Buy/Sell/Trade of Devices
  • Parts and Accessory Sales

iCare Repair Franchise Benefits

Increasing Demand

Around 33 percent of smartphone users lose/damage their phones, according to Plaxo, while a British study found that an iPhone gets broken roughly 10 weeks from purchase. As smartphones and tablets have many breakable parts such as a fragile LCD (liquid crystal display) screens and inaccessible batteries, users are going to need repair services for their broken gadgets.

All-Around Support

With our effective business model, iCare Repair provides a great opportunity for franchisees who want to gain financial independence and the ability to make their own business decisions. We’ll provide substantial training on repairs and customer service, site selection, supply of low-priced OEM parts and repair tools, Internet presence and marketing, as well as unique point-of-sale (POS) and operational technologies.

Quality Service

iCare Repair is proud to be a trusted brand that has garnered multiple positive reviews from our satisfied customers. We thrive in the competitiveness and affordability of our products and services, besides the outstanding customer service that we offer at all our locations.

Training and Consultation

Our iCare mobile phone repair franchisees can take advantage of our comprehensive training program, and also continuing support and assistance. We value our good name and we strive to maintain our great reputation in the mobile phone repair industry through all the franchises.

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