We are committed to provide the best repair experience and low prices for our customers.

If you find a qualifying lower price from a key competitor, we’ll price match it!
Just visit an iCare Repair location and show us the same item in the competitor’s website or printed ad.

Store Locations

Here are the Price Match Guidelines:

  • Our Price Match Guarantee is valid for smartphone and tablet repair services only.
  • The competitor must be within a 15-mile radius from an iCare Repair store location.
  • The competitor must have at least three locations.
  • The competitor must use OEM parts and offer a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.
  • Price Match applies on all smartphone and tablet repairs of new and equal quality for the same exact model and generation.
  • Price Match applies on competitor’s prices for premium services.
  • The competitor’s price must be presented at the time of purchasing our repair services. Advertisements and online prices must be verifiable on the competitor’s website.

Our Price Match Guarantee does not cover:

  • Special corporate or educational discounts, rebates, bonuses, free offers, gift cards, rewards points redemptions, coupons, promo codes, bundled items, or recycled parts
  • Expired ads or offers