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iPad Repair, iPhone Repair, Computer Repair — You Name It!

Mobile Device Repair for Schools & Businesses!

Take advantage of iCare Repair’s bulk discounts for iPad repair, iPhone repair, and computer repair for schools and businesses. We provide fast, quality repair services for your mobile and tablet technology, while you save money! Set up an account today by visiting our appointment page.

iCare Repair will work with you and design a repair package that will provide peace of mind and keep your devices in the hands of your students, teachers, or employees. Don’t pay high insurance deductibles for your repairs any more! Sign up for an account with iCare Repair today.

Deep Discounts

Large and consistent repair orders can make huge savings from our bulk discounts!

5-Day Service Guarantee

Fast turnaround time so you can have your mobile devices back in no time!

Free Shipping

Near or far, your mobile devices will get fixed at no additional cost to you!

Free Lifetime Warranty

That’s one less thing to worry about so you can focus on what you do best.

No Sign-Up Fees

Enjoy our discounts without any sign-up or monthly fees. Ever.

Free Diagnosis

No fees to get a diagnosis or an estimate. We love saving as much as you do.

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