iCare Repair Careers: Store Managers, Smartphone Technicians, and More

Smartphone Technicians, Store Managers, Sign Spinners, etc.

Our employees are the face of iCare Repair. Besides saving the day by fixing broken smartphones and tablets, they create meaningful connections with the customers every day.

Working at iCare Repair is special. You get to meet customers and make a difference in their day. You’ll professionally repair mobile devices and build relationships with our customers, as well as your co-workers. We offer flexible schedules, a welcoming environment, and other great benefits. You’ll have opportunities to grow and be an integral part of the company.

Take a look at the positions we hire for below.

The Bookkeeper performs a variety of general accounting tasks to support the overall financial operation of the company and its franchise locations. This position entails keeping records in order and accounts reconciled so that the upper management can focus on more complex financial undertakings.

Smartphone Technicians are passionate, hardworking, and tech-driven. Their work goes beyond repairing smartphones and tablets; it’s about connecting with customers and ensuring that they can rest easy because their devices are back in order.

Store Managers impact store operations and how shifts run. They believe that working at iCare Repair means growing with the business and leading great teams. They understand the goals of the company and deliver the best business practices that prove our good name.

Sign Spinners attract new customers to the store because of their high enthusiasm and cheerful demeanor. They contribute to the overall sales of the company by sharing their burst of energy to the team and the customers.

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